Investment Management Services

Willis Financial Services manages client’s investable assets with recognition that each client is unique. We focus on your goals by reviewing your financial circumstances and then managing your portfolio to meet your specific needs and risk tolerances.

Willis Financial Services believes that markets are generally efficient and that a focus on asset allocation and “rebalancing” to your target portfolio is of fundamental importance to the success of your portfolio. Willis Financial Service uses low cost, well diversified, passively managed mutual funds and ETFs to flesh out your portfolio. Because we charge on assets under management, we avoid many of the conflicts of interest that pervade the traditional brokerage industry.

Willis Financial Services also operates as a CPA, so should your portfolio require tax analysis, we manage your accounts with tax sensitivity because it’s not all about what you make, but what you keep after taxes.

Willis Financial Services’ investment management delivers a tailored approach and the kind of personalized service you deserve.